Managed Solutions

At Hughes, we know that providing industry-leading technology is just part of the equation.  Hughes provides professional installation, field maintenance, and operational programs to ensure that your solution is easy to get up and running and stay running.  We have proven experience in everything from single site to enterprise, global deployments.

Breakroom TV

The Hughes Breakroom TV solution is a passive, flexible, easy-to-use/setup employee engagement and corporate communications solution that enables retailers to upgrade breakrooms with real-time company information, social media feeds, and live TV content from any satellite or cable provider – all on the same screen.

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Digital Menu Boards

Whether you are a quick service restaurant, a convenience store, and auto repair shop, a bank, or virtually any service-oriented business, you must always be enhancing your offering to maintain your competitive edge. But how can you do that? By going digital. Hughes’ Digital Menu Boards are flexible, and can be updated in real-time to meet specific business or promotional objectives.

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Digital Concierge

The Hughes Digital Concierge Solution, gives businesses the ability to implement a powerful, customer-facing information system using interactive digital displays that integrate online mapping with dynamic content.

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Waiting Room/Lobby TV

The time customers wait while a service is being performed is time that they may feel is wasted and they would probably rather be doing something else. But as an innovative service provider, you can turn this around and use it as an opportunity to transform this wasted time into productive time. You can expand your business, increase profitability and actually make the wait time enjoyable for your customers. Hughes Waiting Room TV allows you to share information about products and services that your customers may not know about.

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Digital Associate

Hughes’ Digital Associate is a next-generation interactive kiosk solution for businesses to deliver dynamic customer facing content using HD digital displays.

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Corporate DVR

Distributed organizations that have strong communication programs have a higher productivity rate and can recognize higher profits. Using video to communicate with the distributed workforce is the best way to communicate. Delivering high-impact video content to remote sites and allowing employees to choose when and where they view it is the best practice.

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Self-Service Kiosks

If better customer engagement is not one of your top priorities, it should be. Hughes’ self-service kiosk technology enables any retail-oriented business to place inviting touchscreen or tablet-driven kiosks where customers can learn & experience more about your products at the touch of a button.

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Distance Learning

Today, employee engagement depends even more heavily on employee communication. Employ productivity depends heavily on employee training. Hughes’ Distance Learning solution provides a hosted web solution that can deliver employee communication and employee training in one easy-to-use, easy-to-setup service. The Distance Learning solution is deployed via the cloud, and delivered SCORM compliant training, videos and compliance examinations from one interface.

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Video OnDemand

Delivered via the Breakroom TV platform, with Video OnDemand (VOD), your business can provide relevant content to the right people at the right time. VOD enables real-time training, so that your associates to learn at a time that is convenient for them, from the already installed Breakroom TV solution.

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TownHall TV

In an effort to enhance communication across your organization, the TownHall TV solution is delivered via the Breakroom TV platform to lift morale and provide better top-down communication direct from company executives.

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In-store Audio

In-Store audio solutions from Hughes allow you to reach your customer at the point of decision. You can increase brand awareness, promotional offerings and encourage customers to try new offerings. The Hughes solution is a fully digital, high quality solution that will enable you to use audio in your marketing and not have to worry about the details of playlists, maintenance and operation. Reach your captive, in-store audience with the right messages, at the right time and most importantly in the right place for them to act.


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Law TV

HughesON™ Digital Signage is a fully customizable online platform designed to disseminate information to target audiences through the use of display monitors strategically placed throughout precincts and stations. Centrally controlled by one administrator or a group of them, content can be developed to target specific audiences based on screen location and scheduled in advance to be displayed at specific times during the day, maximizing impact, and timeliness.

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Pharmacy TV

Healthcare is about service and the pharmacy is a cornerstone of the healthcare service delivery system. The Hughes Pharmacy TV™ solution helps the pharmacist provide great service. First, by providing a simple way for waiting patients to know when their prescriptions are ready. The Hughes solution can securely communicate with onsite data systems to provide real-time “ready for pickup” information.

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Digital Promo Board

Communication is the art of influencing a target audience. When considering digital media, we need to determine how we can best influence our target audience/customers into purchasing of our products and services.

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Digital Briefing Board

Understanding the reality of a situation is a must for
law enforcement and first responders. Knowing the current status of an event allows for proper preparation and results in its safe completion. The world of law enforcement and first responders is made up of everchanging

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School TV

Today, screens are everywhere. Especially in the hands of your students. But, what if there was a way to utilize high-resolution screens across school property to better communicate and inform students and faculty about critical events? With Hughes’ School TV solution, you get just that. An easy-to-set-up, easy-to-use solution, designed to provide real-time, and sometime critical updates across the entire school population

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